Representation of Thermopatch in the Baltics

There has been considerable interest from various parties regarding the continuation of the well-known brand Thermopatch. It is therefore with pleasure and pride that we can inform that SIGNITI AS is appointed as distributor for Thermopatch in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 


For over 75 years, Thermopatch has held a leading position in the development of equipment and materials for identification and decoration of fabrics. Through its worldwide network of offices and distributors Thermopatch is supplying to many different industries. Laundries, textile rental, hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, manufacturers and retailers of workwear all are using Thermopatch products successfully.

Thermopatch has advanced production facilities in various countries in Europe and the U.S., where skilled employees transferring a heat seal coating to the many different fabric types. Its unique process is resulting in a smooth thermoplastic adhesive on textile labels. Whether you need a roll of printed fabric labels, fabric marking tags, bar code labels, a box of repair patches, emblems or transfers, you can count on a permanent attachment of the material even after many washes.

With Thermopatch we can give you a myriad of possibilities for ID tagging, garment repair, and not least promoting your business. 'Corporate Identity' is also something that you can offer with your rental textiles - the possibilities are vast.

With kind regards,

Kuido Lepik  


Fred Luiks  

Sales Manager International

Thermopatch bv